Why Green Concealer?

Why Green Concealer?

Ever wondered what the deal is with green concealer?

Unless you're heading out for Halloween as Kermit, green might not be a shade you associate with complexion. BUT if red is a colour you'd like to keep out of your skin, it could be your new best friend. Why, you ask? Great question. Red and green are on opposite sides of the colour wheel - meaning they intensify when next to each other, and cancel out when layered. Pretty smart, right?

So when redness strikes (pimples, rosacea, even just a bit of sunburn) a green concealer helps to neutralise the appearance of the colour.

How to use green concealer

A little goes a VERY long way. Use just a small amount, patting and blending over the area. You want to keep the green directly over the redness. You should see the neutralising effect, but not a distinctly green tone. If it still looks red, add a little more green. If it looks green, buff down and blend.

When should I apply it?

Before you would apply your normal concealer – so if you don’t wear foundation, then your green colour corrector would be applied after your morning skincare routine. You would then follow with your normal skintone concealer.

If you’re a foundation wearer, use your green colour corrector over or under foundation, depending on when you apply your concealer.

Does it work on every skin?

Green colour correctors work best on light to medium skin tones, where they can blend more easily into the natural skin colour. Mii's Miraculous Colour Corrector is creamy and super blendable. Enriched with olive oil and tea tree extract, it stays soft on skin and never cakey, so it's ideal for all skin types.

Have you used green concealer?


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