Try Mii

Try Mii

Jeans, bras, foundation. Three shopping expeditions that have the potential to end in tears - of frustration. But can also the absolute best when you find The One (and then you buy three, just to save having to do it again - sound familiar?). 

Yep, we've been there with foundation. It can be tricky to get right - a perfect balance of formula, coverage, shade and compatibility with your skin.

Imagine if someone could just send a bunch to you to try at home? Well Mii can!

Our Trial Trios let you take Mii home, find your perfect shade and wear the formula to see how it works with your skin. We're certain there's a Mii foundation you'll love, but we want you to have the confidence that it's absolutely The One.

Trial Trio foundation sample packs include:

  • 3 x foundation sample shades for you to colour match at home
  • Colour matching tips
  • 15% off full size foundation purchase (valid for 30 days)

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