Finding your Bridal Artist

Finding your Bridal Artist

Getting Married? Congratulations! While the main focus of the day is of course the commitment you're making to your other half, there are also so many other considerations, including feeling amazing as you walk down the aisle!

Some brides choose to do their own makeup (like Kate Middleton) while others choose to be pampered by a pro. But how do you find the right artist to be part of your day?

It's always interesting to see how others approach it, so we sat down with bride-to-be Claire, to chat about how she found the process of looking for the right Makeup Artist for her Big Day.

Mii: What are you looking for in a makeup artist?

Claire: Someone who can make me look/feel like myself, but a slightly more polished version. I’m not after a new look or anything too different to how I wear my makeup currently, but I’d like it to be applied properly so that it lasts throughout the day.

I wanted someone with wedding experience, and who I had a “good feeling” about, as they will be a part of the getting ready process and I want to feel comfortable.

Advice from Mii: Before you start looking for artists, get an idea of what is important to you. Seek inspiration from magazines, blogs and social media accounts (Pinterest is great!) as to the bridal look you'd like. Consider your venue, dress and wedding style to make sure it all works together.

Experience in weddings is very valuable as it means Artists will be familiar with working to timelines and some of the stresses that can come with the day.

Although most makeup artists are adaptable in the looks they can create, as you browse Artists see whether their style is in line with what you would like.  And always, ALWAYS book a trial. Not only will you be able to agree on a bridal look, you'll get a chance to form a relationship with the Makeup Artist for a more relaxed experience on the day.

Mii: Was there anything specific you were concerned about?

Claire: Prices seemed to vary a lot and I wasn't sure why.

I was also concerned about timings, as we don’t have a lot of time in the morning. That led me to look for an artist who is comfortable working quickly, and a separate hair and makeup artist so that they could be getting us ready at the same time.

Advice from Mii: Think about what is most important for you from a makeup artist (i.e. their speed, whether they've worked with high profile clients, their experience, if they need to offer a mobile service) and look for some artists who fit your brief. When you send an enquiry, detail exactly what you want from the service, location, timings etc to get the most accurate idea of costs.

When it comes to price, consider the qualifications and the years of experience the artist has. There are bridal makeup artists of all levels, so there will be someone to suite every budget. And remember, the time spent with you are just some hours that go into the job for them. There is a huge amount of work that goes into prepping for the day plus travel - and then there's all the brush cleaning too!

Mii: How did you find the process of looking for an artist?

Claire: The process was quite overwhelming. I didn’t really know where to start, other than Google. But there were just so many MUAs on there and I didn’t feel like I really knew what to look for. Prices varied so much as well, from how much it cost on the day, to how much a trial was, and how much bridal party cost. I also looked on a local facebook group where some people had asked for recommendations, so I went through those options and looked at their websites. 

Advice from Mii: If you're getting married close to your home, local Facebook groups can be a great way to get recommendations. You're also likely to find someone nearby which means less travel costs. Your local salon may offer in-salon or mobile makeup services, so see what they offer.

If you're getting married further afield and have already chosen your venue or hairdresser, ask if they have recommended suppliers that you can get in touch with.

Mii: Was there anything that you found confusing?

The variations in prices. Some were more reasonable for brides on the day, but bridal party costs were almost on par with bride's, but then others had really cheap bridal party rates, but way more expensive bride rates. What wasn't clear was what the difference was. Say if it cost $240 for bridal make up but only $120 for bridesmaid, was I going to get twice as long spent on me? As a non beauty-industry person, that bit wasn't clear.

Advice from Mii:  As makeup artists run their own businesses, they set their rates individually - so it can vary a lot! Generally an Artist will spend more time on the bride and the cost may also include extras like a touch-up kit.

Our best advice here is to speak to them - ask any questions that might be unclear. They know this is an important decision for your and will be happy to help. 

Mii: How did you make your decision?

Claire: I ended up going with a MUA that was a recommended supplier of the hairdresser we’re using. She was within my price range, and I like the idea of the MUA and hairdresser being friends/colleagues already as that will mean a friendly atmosphere on the day. She also had lots of gorgeous examples of winged liner in her portfolio, and that's part of the look I'd like on the day.

Other things to consider: Ask your makeup artist about their cancellation policy as well as their backup plan if they are unable to attend for any reason on the day.

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