Why Mii?

Great question. We're glad you asked.

Before Mii (pronounced Me) even had a name, we asked thousands of women what makeup meant to them. The answers were as varied as the people who gave them, but one common theme shone through – confidence. The empowerment that comes from wearing that perfect product, but also the uncertainty that a product is right for us.

Why Mii?

Years of beauty buying inevitably results in that bottom drawer of makeup mistakes (yes, that one); the trend colours that salesperson applied, never to be used again; the foundation that looked perfect in the department store, but actually isn’t quite right.

So we set a goal – to close the drawer on those makeup mistakes and give women the power to ensure that every beauty decision is the right one. 

Nice aspiration. But how exactly would we do that? By speaking to them, of course. As a ‘crowd sourced’ beauty brand, our products begin their life as feedback - from those who actually use them - our Mii tribe throughout the world. Then we add our expertise and work with leading cosmetic chemists, skin experts and makeup artists to bring the ideas to life. That was our process for the initial launch in 2010. And it continues to be today.

Our premium formulas include the highest quality ingredients for lasting performance and simple application (time poor, anyone??) while shades are either timeless, or a wearable take on trends. And before any product ever sees the light of day, it is tried tested by a pool of very keen (and very honest!) beauty lovers to make sure it deserves a place in your makeup bag.

So when it came to name our brand, that part was simple. Because actually, Mii is all about you.

More about Mii

🖤 Created for spas and salons, Mii is a skin-first makeup range.⁠ Our professional formulas contain the highest quality, skin loving ingredients that care while you wear.

🖤 Mii's creators are a family run, female-led company in the UK. Established for 30 years, beauty runs through their veins.⁠

🖤 Mii is cruelty free and has never been tested on animals.⁠

🖤 Our Australian presence is independently owned and operated in Sydney, by a beauty passionate lady startup.

🖤 Our products are designed by a team of makeup artists, skin therapists and women who simply love beauty - for performance, skincare benefits and ease of use in one neat package.⁠