Legendary Lips

Legendary Lips

Whether you're in the mood for a polished nude or iconic pillarbox red, the lip colour you choose is only part of what makes an amazing lip look.

How you prepare your lips and apply your product is just as important - giving the colour a smooth base and promoting long lasting wear. 

So without further ado, here are our top lip tips. 

  1. Exfoliate gently once a week. Use a specialist lip scrub to make sure it's suitable for the delicate skin. You can also make your own sugar scrub, or use a baby toothbrush or flannel/cloth wrapped around your fingertip. The key is to be gentle - use small, circular motions for about a minute.
    A note from Mii: If making your own lip scrub, try adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil. This will help to stimulate circulation for a mild plumping effect and boost your natural lip colour.

  2. Hydration stations. At the same time as moisturising your skin, apply a conditioning lip balm. Keep this on while you apply the rest of your makeup and tissue off just before applying your lip liner.
    A note from Mii: Go for lipsticks and glosses with hydrating properties to prevent drying. Mii's lipsticks are infused with ingredients like Vitamin E and mango oil to condition as you wear. Our Nourishing Lip Sheen is made to care for dry lips, while adding a natural gloss and a hint of colour - perfect for off duty makeup days.

  3. Line up! One of the most common questions we're asked is how to make lip colour last longer - and not bleed at the edges. The answer is simple, lip liner! Line the edges of your lips first, then fill in the centre. Filling lips with colour will give you the most even colour result. It will also help it to stay put if the lipstick wears off a little - very handy when eating and drinking are involved. Even if you're choosing to wear gloss without lipstick, using a nude lip liner first will help to even out the tone of your lips and create definition.
    A note from Mii: Our Alluring Lip Liners are ultra soft and perfect for applying to the whole lip.

  4. Layer. Apply your lipstick straight from the bullet or load up your lip brush with your chosen colour and apply in an even layer. When colouring the corners of lips, start at the outer edge and work lipstick inward. Blot, then reapply.
    A note from Mii: A lip brush will help with achieving precision and crisp edges - especially at the corners of lips. For the sharpest finish, after applying your lipstick, redefine your cupid's bow with lip liner.
    Mii Cosmetics Lipstick shades
  5. Shine on. Create a fuller lip look by placing a touch of gloss just in the centre. The gloss works as a highlight, giving the illusion of plumper lips.
    A note from Mii: Choose a gloss with shimmer to intensify the look. Mii's Shimmering Lip Sheens contain holographic particles for a 3D effect.

    Now all you need to add is a smile!



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