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Mineral makeup certainly isn't new. The rich pigments and skin loving properties have been part of beauty routines around the world for centuries. And as you may have noticed, they haven't gone anywhere - in fact they've had a huge boost in popularity in today's cosmetics market.

But why all the fuss around mineral makeup? 

Nature baby
With natural ingredients and no other additives, it is a great option for those interested in 'clean' beauty. 
Our Irresistible Face Base is made of incredibly fine, triple milled minerals (including gemstones), that's it. It's gentle enough for skin suffering from acne and rosacea.

Super chilled
Because minerals are inert (meaning chemically inactive), when they're in their loose powder format, there's no need to add anything else, like preservatives, to the formula.

Mii Cosmetics Mineral Makeup

Skin loving
Many of the minerals used in makeup contain skin loving benefits. Mii's mineral range, for example, contains precious gemstones like quartz, which has calming and energising properties. Mica is a light reflecting mineral, which naturally helps to flatter the complexion, disguising imperfections and giving skin a smooth, 'lit from within' glow.

Ever adaptable
Our Mineral Irresistible Face Base is perfect for layering. When buffed onto the skin, the powder works with your skin's natural oils to transform to a creamy finish, so you can create the cover that works for you - light to full, and everything in between. You can also use it as a pigmented finishing powder, or a concealer, which can help dry and heal spots.

And our mineral eye colours can be applied dry for a gentle wash of colour, you can also dampen your brush to intensify the shade.

Mii's pure mineral range was created for beauty therapists, offering a makeup that was gentle enough to apply to sensitive, post-facial or laser treated skin. Embraced by their clients and beyond, our Mineral Irresistible Face Base won a coveted 2019 Beauty Bible Award in the UK!

One thing to bear in mind is that not all mineral makeup is created equal. The cosmetics industry has little regulation around what can be claimed as mineral makeup - so make sure you're happy with the ingredients. At Mii, while our whole range is mineral based, we only claim our 100% natural range, which is at least 99% mineral, to be mineral makeup.

Application tips
Loose powders are easy to apply, but take a little getting used to. 'Buff' is they key word when applying loose mineral products, gently swirling your brush into the product will help to work the powders evenly into the brush, while using the same motion on skin will deliver smooth product payoff. Go for a densely packed, kabuki style brush. Our vegan Precise Mineral Kabuki is made just for mineral application and can be sued with our mineral blush, foundation and bronzer.

Mii Cosmetics Mineral Foundation

When it comes to eyes, for best results, start by applying an eye primer to eyelids. Press the product into your eyeshadow brush, then pat into place on the lid. Our vegan Eye Apply and Define Brush has a large brush head and is ideal for loose powder eyeshadow application, while the angled tip is perfect to dampen slightly and apply the powder as an eyeliner. Both sides of this brush are synthetic, so ideal to use wet or dry.

So why not add some minerals to your day? With mineral foundation, blush, eye colours, highlighting shimmer and pressed powder, you can choose to go for a full mineral look, or mix and match with your other favourite products. Our Beautiful Basics collections are a great mineral starter set with two eye colours, a foundation, a blush and two brushes, with a saving of $95!

Mii Cosmetics Mineral Beautiful Basics Collection


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