Award Winning Beauties

Award Winning Beauties

When it comes to our products, we're incredibly proud of each and every one! Such a huge amount of research, testing and attention to detail goes into developing every aspect so we can deliver makeup that gives you results you'll love.

So when Mii recently scooped four prestigious Beauty Bible Awards over in the UK, well, we couldn't be happier!

With products tried and tested by panels of real women (our kind of judges!), the Beauty Bible Awards are a pretty big deal. So rather than waffle on about why we love the winning products, we wanted to share some of the comments from the testers on the awards panel...

GOLD AWARD | Beautifying Brow Wand

Mii Cosmetics Beautifying Brow Wand

"This looks so natural – no ‘surprised’ look to my eyebrows..."

"A great product - natural, ashy-brown colour, easy application, blends beautifully, and lasts all day..."

"...My brows are greying/in parts and going white in others, which makes them look sparse at the tail ends. This pencil puts the colour back and makes them look more defined but still natural – this is a great improvement."

"I've got dark, well-shaped eyebrows, but they are fading in places with one or two grey hairs and areas where they've thinned slightly. The pencil disguises easily and naturally..."

"...The applicator wand with its angled tip was super-easy to use. Having the blending brush and a highlighter in the same component was so convenient and practical, particularly for travelling."

SILVER AWARD | Mineral Irresistible Face Base

"Easily the best foundation I have ever used..."

"...I have tried samples of mineral powder before and not been impressed at all as they just made my pores look enlarged but this product did not do that. I was really impressed with that."

"It made my skin look great, radiant and natural. I didn't need concealer and it felt very comfortable..."

"...A revelation; it goes on quickly and evenly evening out my skin tone and covering blemishes, looking looked natural and flawless and feeling light on my skin."

"...I wore this in the heat wave and didn’t feel like I had anything on my skin."

SILVER AWARD | Light Loving Illuminator

"This powder product was a dream to use. It applied really nicely and wasn’t glittery like some highlighters..."

"...It wasn't glittery either, just a perfect glossy highlight, which lasted looking lovely all day."

BRONZE AWARD | Showstopping Lash Lover

"10/10: I take mascara very seriously and this is the best of the best I have ever used..."

"...I am impressed with the lengthening and thickening effect on my brittle lashes plus it wasn't cloggy so looked natural, and I didn't have any issues with smudging which is very unusual for me."

"...It promised a luxurious creamy formula that builds beautifully, volumising and lengthening each lash for a sumptuous finish! It lived up to those claims and gave a very outstanding result. Very impressed with this product."

"I had remarkable results with this mascara..."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! 



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