Get Set: Powder vs Spray

Get Set: Powder vs Spray

We spend time applying our makeup, so we want it to last, right? 

But should we be patting on powder or spritzing with spray... what's the difference and which should you use?

Contrary to popular belief, it's not as simple as a dry vs oily skin situation, they actually both do different things and can even be used together... Read on to find out a little bit more...

Transluscent Powder

The philosophy behind powders is simple: powder absorbs moisture, helping to set liquid and cream products to keep them in place. In its basic form, that's how a setting powder works. They also absorb excess oil from the skin, helping to mattify and keep shine at bay. 

Why Mii?: Our Illusionist Translucent Powder takes the standard setting powder up a notch, with light diffusing properties that adds a smooth, almost airbrushed finish to your look. Extra finely milled, it sits beautifully on skin and never gives a 'cakey' look. This powder is often used on photo shoots and delivers an ultra-professional finish.

For touch ups on the go, our Mineral Perfecting Pressed Powder is the perfect solution. A 100% natural formula in a portable compact (with handy mirror!), it contains a very gentle pigment that helps to balance redness and even out the complexion. This powder is perfect if you tend to get shiny throughout the day.

Pro tip: Apply finishing powder over a cream foundation base, before you apply powders like blush, bronzer and highlighter. This will create a smooth surface for the powders to glide over and make them easier to blend.

The verdict: Powder helps to not only set, but finish your look too, for an extra layer of perfection. They are ideal for anyone who prefers a matte look and wants to keep their skin shine free.

Setting Spray

A few years ago, these absolutely boomed onto the market. But what do they actually do?

Well, they contain special ingredients that create a protective layer over your skin, locking in moisture and makeup. We once heard them described as 'hairspray for makeup', and while we don't advocate putting hairspray on our skin, it's a similar concept.

You can use setting spray under makeup (they help to create a smooth, primer like base), over makeup to set it, and throughout the day to refresh your look. They don't need blending or blotting, just a fine mist over the face and it'll do the rest.

Why Mii?: Our Supercharged Setting Mist does all of that, while also containing hydrating properties. Rich in hydrating coconut water, energising green tea and vitamin rich peach and grape seed extracts to keep skin looking and feeling fresh and radiant, it also delivers a softly dewy finish.

Pro tip: Heading to a big event or special occasion? Apply Supercharged Setting Mist before your foundation and in between each layer of makeup. You can also use it to intensify the pigment in your eyeshadow - gather powder onto your eyeshadow brush, then gently spritz with our Setting Mist. Works beautifully with all pigments but is especially stunning with metallics and shimmers.

The Verdict: A must for those with dry skin, our Supercharged Setting Mist helps skin to stay hydrated and comfortable, preventing foundation being absorbed into the skin, while also helping makeup to last longer and promoting a radiant glow. 

For ultra long lasting makeup and the most professional finish, you can use both setting spray and finishing powder - that's the secret that many makeup artists use for bridal looks that need to stay perfect all day!



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