Hey, Bright Eyes!

Hey, Bright Eyes!

The 80's have a lot to answer for. Perms, shoulder pads and bright makeup are still trying to recover their reputations.

But bright makeup is so much fun to wear, and we're here to share how you can go bold without looking like you've just escaped Bowie's chorus line.


Priming eyelids lets any eyeshadow give its best performance. And when it comes to colour, this is how you really make it POP. Choose a pale primer, like our Enhancing Eye Prep in Refreshed 01 and apply across the whole eyelid and just under the lower lash line (where you would apply shadow).

The pale colour will create a smooth base to enhance the shade you apply over the top, while gripping the pigment for maximum payoff.


We've all seen the vloggers sporting amazing multi-coloured rainbow eyes, but that's not the look for everyone. Wearing colour doesn't have to be complex! Sticking to just one colour can make a big impact. Choose two depths of the same hue, one lighter and one darker, to create contrast.

Our Perfect Pair Eye Colours in Fresh Ideas and Creative Flair offer two shades in one and make it easy to dabble in a touch of colour.


So you've chosen your two shades in the one hue. Apply the light colour across the inner two thirds of the eyelid, and the darker colour to the outer third. Blend away. Take the colour under the eye as well and join up to the edges of your eye.

For a little less colour commitment but just as much impact, try applying coloured shadow as an eyeliner on the top lid. Start by sweep a nude eyeshadow colour across the whole lid. Dip an angled brush into your chosen bright colour, then spray the brush with setting mist and apply along the top lash line. Go over the line by patting on more powder to intensify the colour.


Paying attention to your waterline (the watery part of your lower lash line) will complete your look. For a wider, bright eyed look, choose a nude eyeliner to line this area and cancel out redness, like our Wide Eyed Liner. For a more sultry look, choose a deep shade of the eyeshadow you've used, or opt for classic black. Our Defining Eye Pencils are incredibly soft and ideal for the sensitive waterline.



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