Brow Product Guide

Brow Product Guide

Over the past few years, it's been impossible to ignore how big brows have become (in more ways than one!).

Where we once had the choice of a couple of pencils, we are now presented with a plethora of arch preening products, each with their own benefits! But how many products can one pair of brows need?

We get your confusion. We've broken it down so you can tell your pencil from your pomade, and understand which is right for you...

Precision Brow Detailer

A micro-tipped pencil for ultra precision, this pencil lives up to its name. One of the secrets to natural looking brow makeup is mimicking the look of the brow hair, and this super-fine point lets you do that with ease. It's best for creating detail to fill gaps or balance unevenness, rather than filling in a whole brow. We recommend completing your look with our Sculpting Brow Builder.

What's it best for? Filling in sparseness, covering gaps and adding fine detail.

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Beautifying Brow Wand

This 3-in-1 super styler is a fabulous brow stying tool! The spoolie brush lets you groom brows and brush product through them. The triangular-tipped pencil may be new to some, but it gives you extra versatility, allowing you to quickly fill in colour, or use the fine edge to create detail. The highlighting wand completes the look. Adding a little luminosity under the brow bone delivers an instant eye lift effect.

What's it best for? This is great for all brow types and can be used to add just a little detail, or to create a stronger look.

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Sculpting Brow Builder

This little tube is one of our best sellers! It's so quick and incredibly easy to apply. The tiny brush tip is perfectly sized for brows, while the creamy colour has an 'instant tint' effect and contains micro fibres that add volume to each hair. It also helps to hold your look in place. Wear alone, or over pencil to finish your look.

What's it best for? A quick slick of colour when time is of the essence, or to finish a pencil brow look. If you've forgotten to make that brow tint appointment, this product is also perfect for you!

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Statement Brow Kit

Our water resistant brow powder is packaged in a clever wand for easy application and comes complete with five stencils to create the look that's right for you. This is ideal for anyone who wants to create a sleek, bold brow look, or for those who have little or no shape to their natural brow and need some guidance. You can also use the powder freehand to create a soft 'powder brow' look.

What's it best for? The super long lasting powder is ideal for those with an active lifestyle, while the stencils are incredibly helpful in defining your brow shape.

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Designer Brow Duo

With a creamy pomade and professional brush, this dynamic duo is an ultimate brow styling set. Dip the angled brush into the pomade and 'stamp' it onto skin to mimic brow hairs and cover gaps, or outline and define design a whole new brow shape. As well as richly pigmented colour, the pomade also offers gentle hold to softly tame arches.
For those with little or no brow hair, this is a quick way to fill them in if you prefer not to use powder (i.e. skin is very dry).

What's it best for? This versatile pomade can be used to create a number of looks! We do recommend it for those who are a little more confident with makeup.

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Conceal & Contour Duo

Now this product doesn't strictly go on the brow, it's applied above and below for a crisp and ultra-refined look. Draw around the brow with the creamy concealer for an extra sharp finish - it's also great at covering any pesky regrowth! Add a little of the Contouring highlighter just under the brow arch to make it pop.

What's it best for? Adding emphasis to a strong brow look. Also perfect for anyone growing their brows back in and trying to resist tweezing!

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Finishing Brow Gel

Last, but definitely not least, our fabulous Finishing Brow Gel. This clear gel dries to a natural looking satin finish to tame unruly hairs and keep brows in place. An ideal product for those who have naturally deep brows, or who have microbladed brows and want a finished look without extra colour.

What's it best for? Ideal creating the brushed up 'boy brow' look, for full brows that need taming without colour or for those who have have their brows microbladed. Also perfect for male grooming!

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So, now you know that what's what of your brow lineup, which product will you choose?

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