Is liquid blush for me 🤔?

Is liquid blush for me 🤔?

When it comes to brightening and lifting your look, you can't beat a touch of blush! A beauty bestie for thousands of years (like much makeup, its said to have started life with the Ancient Egyptians), blush brings instant radiance, warmth and helps to sculpt your face too.

But if blush brings about thoughts of 80s rockers, or powdery pots of yesteryear, liquid blush might be just the thing to get you back on your 'B' game.

 Mii Cosmetics Liquid Blush Shades on Application Wand

What is liquid blush?

Instead of the traditional pressed or loose powder formulas, as the name would suggest, pigments are blended with liquid ingredients for a creamy texture.

While we can't speak to all formulas, ours has been developed as an ultra lightweight 'whipped' formula. So when we say liquid, it's a little more mouse like and a dream to work with! It's easy to place just where you want it (especially with the built in application wand) and blends seamlessly into skin.

What are the benefits of liquid blush?

Liquid formulas offer hydration and by nature are less likely to collect in lines or cling to dry areas. Our Cheek Veil Liquid Blush is infused with Raspberry Oil and Bilberry Seed Oil to promote health and hydration of skin.

They're also easier to blend directly over the top of a liquid base and the two formulas meld effortlessly together.

Lastly, you can use them as a cheek and eye tint as well!

Who is liquid blush right for?

It's actually ideal for anyone wanting to add a little colour to their complexion. But liquid has the edge over powder in the following situations:

  • If skin is dry and you find powders don't sit well, or fall into lines.
  • If you don't wear much makeup and are looking for a very subtle, natural look.
  • If you love a glowy finish.

Where to apply blush?

There are so many different opinions on blush placement. And it's definitely worth trying a few different techniques to see what you like most! We recommend placing the blush high on cheeks (along the cheekbone) and blending back to the hairline for a lifting, flattering look. Don't stray too far toward the nose - imagine a line down your face from your pupil (when looking straight ahead) and don't blend past this line.

How to apply liquid blush?

Brush, sponge or fingertips all work beautifully. We love using fingertips as it helps the blush really melt into skin and create a seamless finish. Simply place a little on your cheeks and gently tap and press in an upward and outward motion toward the hairline. Start with a little and layer more colour if desired.

So now Liquid Blush is on the wish list, here's why we know you'll love ours:

  • Adds a radiant, natural-looking glow with a brightening, soft-focus effect
  • Seamless and buildable for a natural finish
  • Formulated with Raspberry Oil and Bilberry Seed Oil to promote skin health
  • Mess-free applicator
  • Portable, handbag-friendly packaging for on-the-go application
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free

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