Makeup Brush Guide

Makeup Brush Guide

What's that brush for?

It's a fair question. Makeup brushes can be quite confusing. Do you need them all? How are you meant to know which to use for what?

Never fear, we've broken down our collection so you can choose the ones that are right for you. Each brush is designed to deliver a specific result. A professional makeup artist will use a number of brushes on any one look, but it's totally OK to start with some basics and build your collection from there.

Mii brushes are professional quality, in fact they're used by professional makeup artists in over 24 countries. But our range is also created to be easy to use and easy to understand. Each brush is designed to address a specific beauty concern and when we named them, we kept that process simple too. Each brush is named after what it does and we've printed the name on the handle too, so it's easy to remember which does what.

But first, some brush basics:

  • The fluffier the blush, the more suited it is to blending. While a closely packed, dense brush is designed to apply more colour.
  • Brushes need to be washed regularly to give their best performance. This also helps to extend their life and keeps them hygienic too.
  • Powder brushes are created with textured hairs that hold onto the powder and release it gradually back onto the skin.
  • Makeup brushes that are created for use with liquids and creams have completely straight hairs, so the product glides smoothly down the hairs.


Miracle Base Brush - ever struggled with streaky, not properly blended foundation? This is the brush for you! Super dense and with a flat top, it buffs liquid foundation over the skin, making light work of flawless coverage in seconds flat. It sheers out foundation beautifully, but you can also build coverage my using the tip in a pat and press motion. Our Skin Loving BB Brush delivers very similar results, but it's designed with a travel-friendly case for makeup on the go.

Perfect Base Brush - a foundation brush for the perfectionists among us! The tapered head of this brush makes it ideal to smooth around the contours for the face, including around the nose and eyes. It's a slightly more advanced brush, so best for those with a little makeup experience. It is better suited to creating a full coverage than the Miracle Base Brush. As a professional makeup artist, I start my base with the Miracle Base Brush, and use this one to perfect the detail.

Precise Concealer Brush - shaped to target spots and imperfections, it also neatly applies concealer under eyes and right up to the lash line. This concealer brush is the ideal partner to cream concealers and colour correctors, it also performs beautifully with our Mineral Irresistible Face Base loose powder foundation, transforming it into a 100% mineral concealer.

Precise Mineral Kabuki - designed specifically for loose mineral powders, this is a very dense brush with a domed top. It is designed to be used in a buffing motion, picking powder up into its bristles and releasing it gradually and evenly onto the skin.


Eye and Apply Brush - two brushes in one, most of us will recognise the 'apply' end as a traditional eyeshadow brush. It places colour onto the lid, so is idea for creating the foundations of your eye look. The 'define' end is made of dense, straight hairs with an angled tip. It's perfect for adding definition by adding eyeshadow as a liner on the upper and lower lash lines.

Eye Crease Brush - tightly packed, short hairs mean this brush puts down a good density of colour. Specifically shaped to work colour into the socket crease, it delivers depth and a contouring effect to the eye area. After using this brush, follow by blending the area with the Eye Blend Brush.

Eye Blend Brush - a fluffy brush with a domed head, this is the secret to creating that professional eye look. It blends colours together and diffuses the edges of a look too. It's best to use this one without any product on it, but to blend colour that's already on the eyelid.

Eye Smudge Brush - this little brush is the key to that smokey, smudgey look. It can be used to smudge eyeshadow, liner or our Forever Eye Colour Crayons along the lash line. A thicker brush than the 'define' end of out Eye Apply and Define, it give less precision and more of a sultry finish.

Eye Detailer Brush - this brush was created alongside our Signature Gel Eyeliner to create the quintessential feline flick. Use its thin edge for ultra-fine detail, or on the flat side to create a bolder line. The tapered tip means a crisp sign-off to every style.


Mii Cosmetics Powder Makeup Brushes

Perfect Blush Brush - made for blush but also ideal for contouring, the angled tip of this brush might be a little unusual, but it helps to hug the contours of your face to apply blush and bronzer is just the right place.

Perfect Finish Brush - a full and fluffy brush head that applies bronzer and setting powder with ease. This is best for all-over, rather than targeted, coverage.

Special Finish Brush - created for cream blush and highlighter, this stippling brush is also lovely for those starting out with blush as it delivers a lighter, buildable coverage that helps to build confidence.


Brow Master Brush -  as the name suggests, this brush is made just for brows! The spoolie (the end that looks like a mascara wand) brushes brows into place and also blends product through. The angled brush is designed to apply our Artistic Brow Creator but also applies brow powders with ease. 

Lip Lover Brushthe protective case keeps the brush tip protected while it's in your makeup bag - no lint or fluff here! Finely shaped to apply lipstick with precision.  

If you're not sure which brush to go for, or would like to know more about any of our brushes, please send us an email and we will be happy to help!

The Mii Team xx


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