Seasonal Skin

Seasonal Skin

As the days grow cooler, shorter and greyer, we naturally ease our summer clothes out of rotation, layering up for a more wintery wardrobe.

But did you know that changing up your makeup is important too?

And we're not just talking about updating your look with seasonal shades (we'll cover that in another post!), but about ensuring that your foundation is working just as flawlessly in winter as it does in summer. 

It all comes down to your skin. And there are two key considerations to help it look its best: hydration and colour match.


With less humidity in the air and more exposure to indoor heating, skin can be prone to dryness and dehydration. At the same time, cooler temperatures can slow circulation which leads to duller skin.

So look for a formula that's going to boost your hydration levels and bring a glow to your skin, helping to keep it plump and infused with the hydration it needs. Our Velvet Radiance Face Base is the ideal formula for skin that needs a nourishing boost, infused with antioxidant rich carrot cells and hydrating seaweed extracts. And, with a gently radiant finish, it leaves skin with a beautiful, natural looking glow.

Mii Cosmetics Velvet Radiance Face Base Foundation for dry skin

Adding a hydrating setting mist to your makeup routine is another way to give the skin the moisture it needs, and to keep your makeup looking fresh all day! Our Supercharged Setting Mist is rich in coconut water, peach and grapeseed extracts as well as energising green tea.

Mii Cosmetics Supercharged Setting Mist

But of course makeup is just part of the story. Your normal skincare regime is likely to need a little tweaking too. Whether its richer moisturisers, the addition of a hydrating serum or a change in exfoliation frequency, it's a good idea to make an appointment with your facialist for a new season skin routine. 


A natural consequence of less time in the sun, is less colour in our skin.

Unless you're keeping up your summery bronze with weekly spray tan top ups, it's time to switch to a slightly fairer foundation shade. Having two shades up your sleeve also means you can mix them during those in between times of spring and autumn, so you'll have the perfect match all year round. Just remember to always match your foundation to your décolleté for an even, seamless look.

Mii Cosmetics Velvet Radiance Face Base Foundation Shades

So with a couple of small adjustments, you can keep your makeup looking fresh and your skin feeling happy all year round.


Mii Cosmetics Velvet Radiance Face Base Foundation Mii Cosmetics Supercharged Setting Mist

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